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NOUBALIGHT is a cream-powder make-up product, formulated with very fine oils and esters and studied for the most exigent and sensitive skin. It contains micro-pearls: special particles acting as micro-reflectors to capture the light spreading it in uniform way on the face, exalting the natural transparency of the skin, creating a smooth, uniform and matt effect. NOUBALIGHT, thanks to its special formulation, based on micro-treated spheres, it gives to the face a surprising optical "MATT LIFTING" effect and the little wrinkles become reduced in a natural way. NOUBALIGHT may be applied with the dry sponge contained in the packaging. It is easy for application and it is not necessary to use the powder after, as it is already contained in the formula. It is the perfect product for women who do not have a lot of time to put on the make-up and at the same time who want to have a natural and a well-groomed look.
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