NOUBA Lash Extension CIL PRODIGE Mascara Black

Lash Extension CIL PRODIGE Mascara Black
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Mascara with lengthening, volumizing and curling effect. The formula is based on plant
stem cells and it has a restructuring and nourishing action. The rich and creamy texture is enriched with a blend of waxes, which have a high film-forming power that For a sensational "false eyelashes" effect, spread Cil Prodige Mascara perfectly on the entire
lashes length, giving particular emphasis to the lashes tips. Apply Cil Prodige Lash Extension to the lashes tips before the mascara dries. Repeat several times until desired result.
It contains: Pure Extracts of vegetal stem cells (Leontopodium Alpinum): with a deep protective action against external aggressions Vitamin E: it protects against harmful agents.

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