ORLY Slip-It-Off Extra Nagellak Remover

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ORLY Extra Strength Slip-It-Off is a nail polish remover in a jar. The game is a sponge soaked with nail polish remover. It is intended that the finger into the container is stopped until the nail is no longer visible, and when the finger is taken out is free of the nail polish. This system works very easily, quickly and effectively. The Extra Strength Slip-It-Off remover does not contain acetone, and is therefore suitable for artificial nails and natural nails. The nail polish remover has a less strong odor.

Handy sponge system
without acetone
Suitable for all types of nails
Less strong odor
Unscrew the lid of the jar and insert a finger into the jar. Then rotate the pot a few times around and remove the finger from the jar. If the varnish is not completely removed, repeat this process over.

After using the ORLY Extra Strength Slip-It-Off are the nails quickly and easily removed with nail polish.
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