ORLY ORLY Smartgels Cuticle Oil

ORLY Cuticle Oil Smart Gels to apply the finishing touch ORLY Smart Gels system Professional Gel Nail Polish at home. It takes care of the cuticles and leave your nails extra glansen.
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The ORLY Smart Gel Cuticle Oil is an oil that is specially developed for the care of the cuticle and is the finishing touch of the Smart Gel manicure. The Cuticle Oil gives the cuticles intense care and let the nails extra shine.

Specially developed for the cuticles
Care of the cuticles intensely
Finishing touch of Smart Gel Manicure
Let the nails extra shine

Drop on each cuticle drop ORLY Smart Gel Cuticle Oil. Massage this then briefly with the fingertips.

Thanks to the Smart ORLY Cuticle Oil Gel nail cuticles are responsible for intense and get an extra shine.
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