ORLY Orly Smartgels LED Lamp

Orly Smart Gels LED lamp is the lamp associated with the Orly Smart Gels to cure the coating and Gel Nail Polish. The LED lamp is tailored to the Orly Smart Gels system. LED is not broke, very fast, 30 seconds, and very energy efficient.
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The ORLY Gel Smart LED Lamp is an LED lamp that is specifically designed to cure the Smart Gels Gel Nail polishes and Smart Gels Base + Top. The timer of this LED lamp provides an audible signal after 30 seconds and turns off automatically after one minute.

Specially developed to cure Smart Gels nail polishes
Gives an audible signal after 30 seconds
Automatically turns off after 1 minute

Set the Smart ORLY Gel LED Lamp by means of the on / off switch on the back of the lamp. Pressure, after a layer of Smart Gel Gel Nail Polish or Smart Gels Base + Top is applied on the nails, the button at the top in. The LED lamp will light up. The nails can be placed under the lamp to dry. After 30 seconds, the LED lamp will give an audible signal and after one minute, the lamp will automatically turn off.

The ORLY Smart Gels LED lamp ensures that the modifications Smart Gels Gel Nail polishes and Smart Gels Base + Top dried in no time.

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