ORLY ORLY Smartgels Remover

ORLY Smart Gel Remover you need to ORLY Smart Gels system at home to remove professional Gel Nail Polish
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The ORLY Smart Gel Remover is needed when removing the Smart Gels Gel Nail Polish. The remover ensures that the gel nail polish and let the leftovers are easy to file away loose. After removing the gel polish you will see that the nails healthy and not damaged. The nails are clean and fresh.

    Removes Smart Gels Gel Nail Polish nails
    Ensures that leftovers are easy to file away
    The nails stay healthy
    Nails do not damage the

File as before the top layer of the nail with a nail file. Pour a small amount ORLY Smart Gel Remover in the Smart Gels Pocket Removers. Put each finger in a pocket and let it soak for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the fingers can be removed. Then push the gel in a layer of the nail with a nail file. Any small gelre particles can be easily filed down.

Thanks to the Smart ORLY Gel Remover his own nails again free of Smart Gel Gel Nail Polish.

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