We’ve always believed that women don’t just want to look beautiful: they want to feel the beauty. That’s why all GA-DE products are formulated with the health of your skin in mind.

From research and development, through manufacturing and distribution, our chemists and colorists constantly explore new raw materials and techniques, balancing science and artistry with concern for your health and the environment. We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials and avoid animal testing.

GA-DE is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of cosmetics.

Until recently, our prestige products were available only in Israel and only to an exclusive group of customers.

In recognition of its outstanding quality and consumer appeal, Superbrands—the independent global arbiter—named GA-DE cosmetics brand of the year for 2017.

Our passion has won awards, but our greatest source of pride is in helping you feel and enjoy your own sense of beauty. A sense of confidence and sensuality: that’s what we hope you’ll experience every time you chose a GA-DE product.

Look ahead with us, toward endless new possibilities for inspiration and excitement.

Now, wherever you are around the world, you can feel your beauty – with GA-DE.
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