ORLY Argan Oil Handcreme

Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream is an ultra luxurious moisturizing cream that nourishes the huidt and protected. Enriched with Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E
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ORLY Argan Oil Hand Cream is a cream with argan oil specially created for dry hands. The hand cream is very suitable for dry skin. The ORLY Argan Oil Hand Creme contains Argan oil that penetrates deep into the skin layers and restores from within. With regular use, will greatly improve the skin condition. Also, it will ensure that the nails will be stronger.
Specially created for dry hands
Contains Argan Oil
Improves skin condition
Strengthens nails
Take a generous amount ORLY Argan Oil Hand cream and spread evenly over the hands. Massage the cream and take this good along the cuticles. Then melts into the cream.
With regular use of ORLY Argan Oil Hand Cream will improve the skin significantly. The hand cream will stimulate nail growth and nails will feel stronger.

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