ORLY Spritz Dry 120 ml

Spritz Dry 120 ml Quick-Dry
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ORLY Spritz Dry is a convenient spray that just polished nails immediately makes dry. The spray makes the nails dry and cares for the hands. The spray has a nice scent that will linger for some time. After the use of this spray the nails are immediately good-to-go. Nails are protected from scratches and streaks. The spray is very suitable for nail art.

Makes the polish dry immediately
Provides hands
Pleasant odor
Suitable for nail art

For painting the nails with nail polish remover. So the nails will be free of grease and polish will adhere better to the nail. Paint the nails with a base coat ORLY and the desired color. Then immediately spray with the Spritz Dry over ORLY nail polish and it will be dry in no time.

The nails will after using the ORLY Spritz Dry immediately be dry. The ORLY Spritz Dry is very suitable to combine with nail-art in order to make the most beautiful creations.

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