CHRISTIAN FAYE, Definitive Brow and Eye Expert, it all starts with innovation

Christian was founded in 1996. Christian begins only with Eyebrow make up products in 8 colours and with very different packaging. From 2006 the brand start to expand – New, glamorous packaging, wider assortment for products. The same time CHRISTIAN FAYE begun the success in more and more countries worldwide. Now in over 65 countries worldwide available!

The same time assortment of CHRISTIAN FAYE is growing more and the brand becomes an EXPERT of EYES!  Focus on Eyes only – concept: Eye for Eyes.

Christian Faye stands for, unique products with mid premium prices, Semi permanent, easy to apply, professional quality for consumers and unique formulas for products what gives outstanding result

CHRISTIAN FAYE  is an accessible make up brand that combines beauty with flawless look. Discover a broad spectrum of products for Eyebrows, Eyelashes and Eyes including some all-important bestsellers. For expert make up tips and insider tricks, CHRISTIAN FAYE has a whole host of 'How-To' videos so you can master even the trickiest of looks.

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