Hands, Feet, Body

ORLY Rich Renewewal cream

ORLY Rich Renewal Creme is a care cream that nourishes the skin through a fat-free formula. The skin is wonderfully hydrated and the elasticity of the skin is restored by the action of aloe vera and Vitamins A and E.

The ORLY Rich Renewal cream can be used for hands, feet and body.

To complete a salon treatment, close the treatment with the Rich Renewal Hand / Foot / Body cream. This cream contains Shea and Cocoabutter, Aloe Vera and vitamins A & E for super hydration and protection of the skin. The Rich Renewal Creams come in 4 delicious scents and are available in 237ml and in a handy bag size of 44ml.

Pucker RICH RENEWAL ultra-moisturizing cream with the fresh scent of papaya and red grapefruit.

Paradise RICH RENEWAL ultra-moisturizing cream is slightly sweet with fruity notes of lychee and pomegranate.

Passion RICH RENEWAL ultra-moisturizing cream has a fine fragrance of flowers of the Neem and Feijoa.

Pretty RICH RENEWAL ultra-moisturizing cream has a warm rich scent of spicy vanilla and white tea.

ORLY Rich Renewal Scrub

Removes dead skin cells while the Shea Butter and Vitame E simultaneously soften and protect the hands. Then apply the Rich Renewal Ultra Hydrating cream for a complete “Handlift”.

The Rich Renewal scrub from ORLY is suitable for exfoliating the skin, this removes the dead skin cells. This scrub is suitable for hands, feet, body and face.
The scrub makes the skin look young and radiant. But also that it feels soft.
Available in four different scents:

Pucker: Papaya & red grapefruit
Paradise: Lychee & Pomegranate
Passion: Floral notes or neem & feijoa
Pretty: Spiced Vanilla & White Tea

Moisturizing Lotion for Hands, Feet and Body

MOISTURIZING LOTION for hands & feet pampers the skin with the rich aroma of Italian mandarin and provides silky smooth skin. Moisturizing and protective.

The skin is restored, renewed and protected.

Hands, Feet, Body
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