Defined eyebrows instantly makes you look more polished. Creating beautiful brows isn't simply about subtraction—plucking, waxing, or threading—it's also about addition, perfecting them with  powders, pencils, gels or eyebrow dye.

Optimal result

Before you can fill in your brows, you need the right tools. We recommend using two shades of brow powder. The reason for two different shades? That's the way light naturally falls. Lighter on top and darker underneath. With Eyebrow powder the result is softer and more natural. If your brows lack structure, you can start with the pencil and use powder on top of it.                                                    After you're done filling in your brows, use an eyebrow gel to hold them in place all day long. A secret to achieving great brows is to highlight the brow bone right under them.

For much better and easy result  use Eyebrow stencils refers to patterns, which people use to draw certain eyebrow shapes or designs during brow shaping. While using them, often the stencil   is placed on top your brows and the pattern you want is drawn using an eyebrow powder. After which you can also tweeze, wax, pluck or thread any eyebrow hairs that are not within the shape you wish. Furthermore, brow stencils are a perfect tool for people who find it difficult to shape eyebrows symmetrically.

Eyebrow Trends

In case you haven't heard, full eyebrows are the hottest trend. And for good reason. Well-groomed brows can make you look polished and bring focus to your eyes.Brows can totally make or break your beauty look. They can be the wrong colour, too thin or too thick, too long or too short. Scoring the perfect brow is a fine art.

Online shoping

You can find online at www.bransus.eu  a wide assortment of Christian Faye, Bransus, Oh My Brows and Cresty eyebrow products. From Eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel and eyebrow dye till eyebrow stencils, tweezer and shaver. The products can be ordered via our webshop and normally delivered within one working day. View our wide range of eyebrow make up products and order easily online.

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