ORLY Zebra Foam Board per 2

Coarse Grid, 100 - 180 Zebra file a 100-180 grit file is not suitable for the natural nails, only for Artificial nails!
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ORLY Zebra Foam Board is a nice file that the nails in a simple manner can be filed into the desired shape without damaging them. The file contains a coarser side for the filing of the nails and a fine side for smoothing of the nails. By regularly using the nails remain healthy and they grow stronger. Additionally, the file is suitable for every nail type and also hygienic in use.
Suitable for each nail type
Hygienic in use
Nails do not damage the
Creates beautifully manicured nails
Use the coarse part of the ORLY Zebra Foam Board to file the nail nicely and use the fine part to make the nails smooth.
After using the Zebra ORLY Foamboard the nail is beautiful again filed and the nail has a wonderful result and looks neat.

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