ORLY Buffing Trio per 2

1: Fine Grid,400. 2: Ultrafine Grid 600. 3: No Grid The Buffing Trio is a polishing file, specially designed to create a high gloss on the natural nail. First black then white and then gray.Easy to remember:Black White Gray makes!Three in one file....
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ORLY Buffing Trio is a beautiful file with which the nails in a simple manner can be filed into the desired shape without damaging them. The file contains a coarser side for the filing of the nails and two sides finer for smoothing of the nails. By regularly using the nails are healthy and stronger. Additionally, the file is suitable for every nail type and also hygienic in use.

3-in-1 Filing
Hygienic in use
Nails do not damage the
Creates beautifully manicured nails

Use the coarse part of the ORLY Buffing Trio to file the nail nicely and use the fine part to make the nails smooth. The finer part may be used to give the nails a more magnificent end result.

After using the Trio ORLY Buffing the nail is beautiful again filed and the nail a beautiful, groomed end result.

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