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Buffer file. Smooth operator. ORLY GELFX multipurpose Buffer gently polishes the nail surface, leaving the nail bed perfectly smooth.
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Nail files are indispensable for creating the perfect (artificial) nail. ORLY offers you a wide range of files with different types
types of grit. All our files are of professional quality and durable in use. The higher the number of the grit, the finer the file.

Are you looking for a file for rough work? Then choose a file with a low number, it is coarser in texture and gives you the opportunity to quickly remove acrylic or gel.

Files with a higher number are intended to free the artificial nail from irregularities and / or to make the nail plate scratch-free. A buffer file is ideal for fine work.

Because of its shape, a boomerang / boat file is very suitable for filing along the cuticles.

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